Top 7 Best Practices from Marc Cenedella and Vin Vacanti

After a month off, we came back in May with an incredible event titled “Creating and Propelling a Fast-Growing Company” with Vin Marc Cenedella and Vin Vacanti.

Marc Cenedella

Founder/CEO of  ($100 million revenue company in 7 years) (Marc’s bio)

Vin Vacanti

Co-Founder/CEO of Yipit (leading aggregator of daily-deal sites (e.g. Groupon) – harnessing red-hot growth) (Vin’s bio)

Top 7 Best Practices

  1. Learn how to develop so that you have technical prowess to get product out fast and iterate.
  2. Celebrate what’s important. It helps crystalize the bottom line in employees’ minds.
  3. Talk to customers whenever possible. Learn their pain points.
  4. Learn how to conduct meetings well. Focus on topic. Define length of time.
  5. Vanity metrics are meaningless. Focus on active users.
  6. Perfectionism and entrepreneurship do not mix.
  7. Get your product out fast, even if it’s imperfect.
  8. Learn how to level and communicate with non-entrepreneurial people/employees.
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