Top 5 Best Practices from Lucinda Holt and Steven Krein

In February, we brought in Lucinda Holt and Steven Krein to discuss the topic “Building a Great Team/Company.”

Lucinda Holt

  • Multiple success Serial CEO (recognized as CEO of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, etc.)
  • Founded and sold TurnTide to Symantec for $28 million in 6 month period
  • Grew Destiny Websolutions as CEO from $250k to $25 million in revenue (Lucinda’s bio)

Steven Krein

  • Health-focused social media expert (The Today Show, CNN, Fox, CNBC, Bloomberg, etc.).
  • Founded and led to successful IPO on NASDAQ
  • Founder and current CEO of OrganizedWisdom Health (Steven’s bio)

Top 5 Best Practices

  1. Never delegate hiring to anyone else. Only hire the best people.
  2. When hiring, create question barriers to weed out the lazy people.
  3. As an entrepreneur you try to infect people with your idea. They in turn infect others.
  4. I would rather have someone who is inexperienced and smart than someone who has been-there-done-that.
  5. To inspire someone is euphoric.
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